St Ives – Honeymoon Part 1

So I got married and went on a honeymoon, well actually I went on two and I have another one at the end of October. I’ve been wanting to start a photography blog for a while, I thought I better just jump straight into it. The photos in this post are from St Ives and the surrounding areas. Katherine (my new wife) and I have been to St Ives a number of times and thought what better way to start married life than a relaxing trip in one of our favourite places.

St Ives Harbour:  f/10 - 1/400 sec - ISO200

Whenever we venture down to Cornwall we never set a plan as to where we want to go, we get the in car and just see where the road takes us. This time round we headed down to Lizard point, the most southern place in the UK. We walked to down to the cliff edge and then around the coast back to the local village. I shoot using a Nikon D7000 and whilst in Cornwall I shot on the standard kit lens 18-105mm Nikkor. I had recently inherited an old Chinon 35mm film camera so I had this with me at the time.

Lizard Point - f/8 - 1/250sec - ISO200
Lizard Point: f/9 - 1/320sec - ISO200

Whilst we were here it seems stupid not to try and see some of the places that Poldark was filmed. Katherine thought she might bump into Aidan Turner, which probably would have ended the marriage before it really started. When we got back to the village in Lizard we hunted down Ann’s famous pasties (, when we arrived I got talking to Ann who told us to head towards Bottalack to see the mines that are in the show. Off we went!

As with most places in Cornwall its on the coast again and you can walk up and down to the old tin mines. The sea mist was coming in and creating what looked like fog. I tried to get a few photos, not sure how I could have taken better (I didn’t have my tripod with me), any suggestion please comment below to let me know.

Sea Mist on Bottalack Coast: f/4.5 - 1/1000sec - ISO200
Sea Mist off Bottalack Coast: f/4 - 1/640sec - ISO100

What we found in Bottalack were hundreds of piles on stones all balanced on top of one another. I’m not sure who had done them as I could stack more than 5 without them toppling over.

Stone Balancing: f/4 - 1/1600sec - ISO200

After a couple of lovely days down in Cornwall we had to head back to reality. As per our previous trips on the last day we decided to check out of the B&B (Green Apple in Carbis Bay:; I highly recommend it!) and take the coastal roads home, stopping in places that took our fancy.

We stopped at the home of Doc Martin, Port Isaac for a quick look around and of course another pasty. Its only a small place but well worth a visit, just around the corner is Port Gaverne, another little picturesque Port.

Post Isaac: f6.3 - 1/160sec - ISO100
Post Isaac: f/7.1 - 1/200sec - ISO100

I loved my time down there, especially since it was with my new wife. I probably could have taken more pictures but at the time it wasn’t at the fore-front of my mind.

We went off to Rome two weeks later. The photos off which will be in the next post.