Japfest 2013

Used a shutterspeed value of 200 to obtain a focused vehicle with wheels that spin, during the drift event at Japfest. The smoke came out looking great too.

Thruxton BTCC 2013

I managed to get a nice photo of two touring cars driving near each other round a corner, with the smoke in the background from the car in the rear

Berlin - Watch Tower Memorial

Whilst in Berlin we stopped at the Bernauer Stra├če to view the wall memorials. Standing inside a structure, representing a watch tower, I looked directly up, turned on flash, and snapped this picture.

Morroco - Shutterspeed Usage

Whilst in Morroco, we stopped at the Cascades D-Ouzoud Waterfalls, on the way back to Marrakesh we found a cave carved out from the running water. Using a high shutterspeed value I took this picture. The water looking cloudy from the camera settings.